Josef Cervera

I Musicanti Publishing presents the first ever editions of original music for double bass by the forgotten Catalan virtuoso Josep Cervera-Bret (1883-1969).

Having studied with Pedro Valls, the grandfather of Spanish double bass playing, Josep Cervera spent his life in Catalonia, travelling around the region with his band Els Peps, which performed a combination of classical and Catalan folk music.

Decades after Cervera’s death, Leon Bosch helped unearth a collection of over 60 of his compositions for double bass. With titles such as Cielo Gris (Grey Sky), Elegia, Notturno and Recuerdo de Londres (Souvenir of London), these evocative works had disappeared from view in the 1960s when Cervera withdrew from playing professionally.

“He was a great virtuoso bass player and also wrote a method and various other things. It’s very expressive music, so touching and so beautiful. There are so many colours and so many beautiful things; he really understands the instrument unbelievably well.” (Leon Bosch)

I Musicanti Publishing is making the works of Josep Cervera available in editions prepared by Leon Bosch.

To purchase the first CD dedicated to the music of Cervera, by Leon Bosch and pianist Sung-Suk Kang, click here.

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